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We offer a multidisciplinary approach for timely assessments.
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Vestibular Physiotherapy
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Panther Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Centres is a physical therapist owned and operated rehabilitation company. We are a network of ten rehabilitation centres located throughout the city of Calgary that offer a wide range of programs and services to help our patients restore and maximize their physical capabilities.
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Along with our emphasis on orthopedic, sports, MVA/car accident, andwork related rehabilitation, we also offer specific services including spinal rehabilitation, vestibular therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, intramuscular stimulation (IMS), cranio-sacral therapy, orthotics, and custom braces.
Our team of highly trained professionals and dedicated support staff are committed to providing clinical excellence, and exceptional customer service. Patients receive individualized rehabilitation with innovative, effective treatment techniques.

We appreciate your interest in Panther Sports Medicine, and we invite you to take the leap to good health and learn more about our company and how we can help improve your health.
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Our History 
Experts since 1987

Panther Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Centres was founded in Calgary in 1987 and since has expanded into 9 state of the art rehabilitation centres in the city of Calgary:
Panther’s ownership group consists of Alberta-licensed physiotherapists, and is committed to providing Calgarians with access to the highest quality, and cost effective rehabilitation.
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Our Mission

The mission of Panther Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Centres is to provide our patients exceptional, personalized rehabilitative health care in a supportive and educational environment.

Knee & Shoulder Clinic

Have you suffered from a recent knee or shoulder injury?
Discover what we can do for you. 
We are here to help.
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Vertigo & Dizziness Clinic

Vestibular Physiotherapy Assessment and Treatment
We are pleased to provide timely vestibular assessment and treatment in 3 locations within Calgary.
vertigo & dizziness services

Therapy Services 

From traditional physiotherapy, to acupuncture, massage and shockwave therapy, we offer it all under one roof.
Therapy Services

Additional Services 

We work with you to get you back to healthy living. Learn how we can help you take the leap.
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Funding & Insurance Coverage

There are many ways to access funding options when seeking treatment at our centres.
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Our Professional Team

Our professional staff have extensive academic and clinical education in health science faculties at major universities and at recognized massage programs across Canada. We strive to maintain current knowledge through actively participating in continuing education programs and courses offered across the country and internationally. This allows us to provide our clients with up to date, evidence based treatment.
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Client Reviews

Hear from our Clients
We strive to give our fellow Calgarians the very best treatment options available. Contact us today. We look forward to helping you get back to doing what you love!
  • I am so grateful to be treated at panther Sports Clinic for physiotherapy. I was injured at work with head injury,jaw injury and back injury on tale bone. My physical shape and concussions followed were too much. I made a skilled , caring, empathetic physiotherapist Mahemud and... read more

    pierre M. Avatar
    pierre M.
  • The level of expertise here at Panther in Seton is exceptional — knowledgeable, experienced physiotherapists are supporting me in making great strides with my chronic pain and post concussion syndrome, including the educational component of my concussion recovery. The integrated approach is making all the difference. I feel so fortunate... read more

    Shannon L. Avatar
    Shannon L.
  • I am very happy to have found Dionne and her team. They are a big part of the reason why I get up everyday. I find happiness when I’m there and with all the recent changes to my life regarding my work injuries. I just am very happy with... read more

    Urick M. Avatar
    Urick M.
  • I have been going to see Miguel for a few weeks and he's been amazing. From his listening skills, to taking the time to understand my injury, to holding me accountable and explaining things in a way that I can get better. Thank you, Miguel!

    Gabriel F. Avatar
    Gabriel F.
  • Every single staff member is extremely friendly and welcoming. Darcy was very easy to work with and straight forward with what I should expect from the healing process. All staff are clearly very experienced. Got a very detailed exercise routine given to me via a link that even included videos... read more

    Sarah Q. Avatar
    Sarah Q.
  • The beginning of March had a total hip replacement surgery. I can say that from where I am today with the hip I wouldn’t be nearly as far without the help with my physiotherapist and my wife. They both encouraged me to keep on trucking and fight through pain and... read more

    Geoff L. Avatar
    Geoff L.
Panther Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Centres is a physical therapist owned and operated rehabilitation company. We are a network of ten rehabilitation centres located throughout the city of Calgary that offer a wide range of programs and services to help our patients restore and maximize their physical capabilities.
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11950 Country Village Link NE
Calgary, AB

10003 - 24th Street SW
Calgary, AB

2010, 356 Cranston Road SE
Calgary, AB

11150 Bonaventure Drive SE
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4995 Market Street SE
Calgary, AB

Suite 102, 83 Deerpoint Rd. SE
Calgary, AB

425 Marlborough Way NE
Calgary, AB

333 Shawville Blvd SE
Calgary, AB

75 High Street SE
Calgary, AB

130, 19606 Walden Blvd SE
Calgary, AB
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