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There is increasing research about the damaging long-term effects of concussions and the importance of getting proper care after you’ve experienced one or more concussion events. Sometimes concussions are a result of a major event (such as a large fall during skiing or a car accident). In other cases, concussion damage is a result of smaller, repetitive hits to the head (such as football tackles). Concussions can be especially risky in children and young adults because their brains are still in development. The University of Calgary is currently conducting a major research project on sports-related concussions in youth with the hopes of shedding light on the exact effects.
Obviously, you want to try to avoid concussions by wearing helmets, mouth guards and neck gear where appropriate, but if you are experiencing ongoing issues due to concussions, you’ll want to see one of our professional physiotherapists at Panther Sports Medicine in Calgary. 

Our physiotherapists are intimately familiar with the sporting world, and are not only well-trained in assessing concussions, but also very aware and sympathetic of athletes’ and the average person’s desires to get back to their sport or activity of choice. 
Our therapists will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that considers your concussive history, your symptoms and your individual needs, helping you recover your physical and cognitive functions.
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What are Signs I Might Have a Concussion?

Often it’s easy to pinpoint the reason for the concussion, a particular fall or blow to the head, but sometimes a concussion was overlooked because there was no major event or symptoms may be delayed. Sometimes the most benign of events can lead to a concussion because of the area that was hit or the age or susceptibility of the person.

Some signs you might have a concussion include:

Chronic headaches
Dizziness, vertigo and trouble with balance
Difficulty concentrating or feeling foggy
Trouble finding words or thinking clearly
Slow reaction times
Irritability and impulsiveness
Constant sleepiness
You may have only one of these symptoms – that’s why getting a proper assessment is so important.
The most critical time period following a concussion is the 72 hours after the injury has occurred. If you have been hit in the head or experienced a fall, you should immediately stop what you are doing and see a doctor or physiotherapist right away.
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What To Expect 
During Your Visit

The first step for our Calgary physiotherapists is to collect the history regarding your current and past activities and record symptoms you have experienced. It is possible they will ask you to start tracking when you are experiencing issues related to balance or cognitive tasks.

Our physiotherapists will then do a physical examination which could include assessing your eyes, neck and back. 

They will also do a series of neurological tests to assess strength, sensation, reflexes, coordination, memory, concentration and visual and auditory disturbances. They may also examine your balance and gait.
The goal of your personalized concussion recovery plan is to ensure you are allowing your brain sufficient rest from physical and cognitive tasks, then doing exercises that improve your balance, physical wellness and concentration.
The Panther Sports Team 
Clinic Staff
Our compassionate staff give you strategies for managing headaches and dizziness and sound sensitivity, and provide recommendations on when you can return back to work, activities and sports. They create a plan that balances recovery and activity so that you can get back to normal as soon as possible.

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