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This service is only available at our Seton location.    Please contact the Seton Clinic to book this highly specialized service.

 Facial Neuromuscular Rehabilitation is an advanced training service in Calgary

Facial Neuromuscular Retraining is a technique used to rehabilitate the
face following injury to the 7th Cranial Nerve (“Facial Nerve”).
FNMR therapy at Panther Sports Medicine is provided by a licensed Physical Therapist who is
specially trained and experienced in assessing, treating and educating patients with facial palsy

Who Can Benefit From Facial Neuromuscular Rehabilitation?

If you experience one or more of the following symptoms, you may benefit from Facial Neuromuscular Rehabilitation:

• Inability to move one side of the face
• Inability to close the affected eye
• Difficulty eating, drinking and speaking due to the lips and cheek not moving well
• Facial tightness and discomfort
• Poor control of facial expressions
• Synkinesis ( involuntary co-contraction of facial muscles)

Kristin Bell, P.T., B.Sc. P.T.
Facial Neuromuscular Retraining (FNMR) Therapist

An actively licensed and practicing Physical Therapist in Alberta, with 30 years of experience. She continues to work with clients with a Neurological diagnosis.  
In 2014, Kristin received her advanced training for FNMR to also become a trained Facial Therapist. In addition to her Neurologic clients, Kristin assesses and treats clients with facial palsy on a regular basis. She has treated people with Bell’s Palsy, Ramsay- Hunt Syndrome, bilateral facial palsy, post surgical reanimation, among other diagnoses.

Kristin has completed many FNMR courses, including international courses with Facial Therapy Specialists International. She has received her education and mentorship from internationally recognized facial therapy experts Susan Rankin (PT) and Jackie Diels (OT) and Pauline Dueck (PT). Kristin also works with Dr. Christiaan Schrag, Plastic Surgeon, at the Calgary Facial Nerve Clinic.

Kristin joined Susan Rankin as co- instructor for the Calgary Introductory and Advanced FNMR training courses in 2019. She will also be instructing at the upcoming Calgary FNMR training course in 2024.

Kristin has a strong passion for treating clients with facial palsy. It is her goal to provide each client with individualized exercises and education to confidently manage their facial condition. It is also her hope that more people become aware of this type of therapy and how it can help those living with facial palsy.

Facial Neuromuscular Rehabilitation appointments can be booked by calling the clinic directly

How Our Therapists Can Help with Facial Pain and Paralysis...

Common Conditions That Benefit From Facial Neuromuscular Rehabilitation:

Bell’s Palsy
Ramsay-Hunt Syndrome
Acoustic Neuroma (post surgery)
Post facial reanimation procedures
Chronic facial palsy (with synkinesis
Other causes of CN VII palsy
Other facial palsy including stroke and brain injury (“Central Palsy”)

What To Expect 
During Your Visit

This therapy has been used for assessment and treatment for facial palsy since the 1980’s. FNMR
therapy at Panther Sports Medicine is provided by a licensed Physical Therapist who has advanced training and expertise in assessing, treating and educating patients with facial palsy concerns.
Techniques used are geared towards teaching self-management of the facial condition. A typical
customized home program would consist of stretches, active movements, and individualized
strategies. Therapy is available for people who have new, resolving or chronic facial palsies.

On your visit you can expect:
Detailed patient history.

Specific education regarding facial palsy and function.

Detailed assessment of facial symmetry

Detailed assessment of active facial movement, expression and function.

Individualized recommendations for home exercises and activities.

Patient-centered goals.
Facial Neuromuscular Rehabilitation appointments can be booked by calling the clinic directly

The goal of our therapists is to get you back to activities, sports and daily enjoyment!

Every treatment plan is personalized to you and your needs.Treatment options could include exercises, electronic monitoring and manual treatment of the muscles. You will likely get exercises to do at home to help train your muscles. Our therapists will also give you advice about daily activities and fitness, as well as tips for good bladder and bowel habits. 

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