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Personalized Gait Assessments in Calgary

Much like breathing, walking is something we do naturally, without thinking. And, like breathing, if you have issues with walking it can have a significant impact on your quality of life. That’s why your gait, your manner or style of walking, is so important. 
Getting a gait assessment is incredibly valuable for a few reasons:


First, an abnormal gait might be causing pain in your feet, legs or back.


Second, a poor or abnormal gait could cause compensation and adjustments in other parts of your body which lead to issues.


And third, an abnormal gait might be a sign of another underlying medical issue that requires attention.
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How Can Gait Assessments Help You?

It is probably a good idea to have a gait assessment done if you have the following symptoms:
Foot pain and fatigue
Leg pain and fatigue
Knee, hip, or low back pain
Burning in the ball of the foot (neuroma)
Difficulty walking
Trouble with balance or vertigo
A gait assessment is also valuable for those who suffer from:
Sports injury
Some causes of an abnormal gait are short-term and easy to treat, while others can last a lifetime.
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Why Choose Panther Therapists

Gait assessment is actually a highly acquired skill that requires a physiotherapist to look at nine different points on the body while simultaneously comparing the observed gait with normal gait features in three body planes. They look for patterns and abnormalities, as well as compensatory motions.
Panther Sports Medicine located in Country Hills, provides gait assessments through WCB. This service is available only with WCB funding and approval. 

There are a number of factors that can influence your gait, from body shape to medical issues and injury, and even personality type. Whatever the source, our expert physiotherapists can identify the problem and figure out how to increase mobility and restore proper walking.
If you are an athlete, gait assessments, as well slow motion running analysis, are a good way to assess an injury or identify ways to improve your performance.

What To Expect 
During Your Visit

Following a brief medical history, your physiotherapist will ask you to walk barefoot, in shoes and even run or jog. They may also ask you to stand on one foot or do activities that test your balance.

Treatment will very much depend on what the therapist identifies as the source of the issue, and of course, the severity of the problem. To effectively and safely walk, you need good strength and good balance, and your physiotherapist will work with you to improve both these factor. Treatment could be as simple as exercises or changing your footwear. Another solution might be orthotics, which can be fitted at our Trico centre location. In some cases, you may require physical therapy and rehabilitation to relearn how to move the muscles, how to position your head and regain balance.

At the end of the day, the goal is to have you walking and doing activities comfortably and effectively. Your quality of life depends on it.
Contact our Country hills location for more details on gait assessments.
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