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This service is only available at our Marlborough and Oakridge locations.  We are currently working to add this service at our other clinics.

Our Calgary Physiotherapists Will Get 
Your Pelvic Floor Back to Normal

Do you leak a little when you cough, laugh or during activities? Have issues with incontinence or sexual performance? You’re not alone. Pelvic floor weakness is an issue that impacts almost one-quarter of women and a number of men, as well. While no one likes discussing it, the good news is that pelvic floor issues are usually treatable!
We have a team of Calgary physiotherapists that are specially trained in pelvic floor assessment and treatment. 
It can be difficult to talk about this area of your body and the struggles of incontinence and sexual function, so every step of the way, our compassionate therapists create a safe, supportive environment that puts you at ease.
Pelvic floor appointments can be booked by calling the clinic directly

How Our Therapists Can Help...

While commonly associated with post-pregnancy troubles, pelvic floor issues can happen to both men and women. Pelvic floor muscles can be weakened by childbirth, surgery, heavy lifting, being overweight, constipation or menopause. Issues can be as a result of hypotonicity (weak pelvic floor muscles) or hypertonicity (pelvic muscles that are too tight or overactive).
Sessions with our Calgary physiotherapists will help you to:
Improve and/or stop urinary incontinence
Address urinary frequency, urgency, hesitancy or incomplete emptying
Help with constipation, straining, bowel incontinence or pain with bowel movements
Reduce pain during or after intercourse
Deal with unexplained pain or spasms in your lower back, pelvic region, hips, genital area or rectum
Prevent or treat pelvic organ prolapse (where the uterus or bladder bulges into the vagina)
Improve perineal tear and c-section scarring
Strengthen your core for activities and sport

What To Expect 
During Your Visit

When you see one of our pelvic floor therapists, they will take a full history of your bladder and bowel function, sexual function and medical and surgical history. They will also ask about your fitness activities. The therapist will then conduct an internal and external evaluation of your pelvic floor muscles. They may also examine the bones and muscles of your lower back and hips joints since these joints can stress your pelvic floor muscles.

At Panther Sports Medicine, we believe that long-term success is achieved when our clients build well rounded knowledge and understanding of their bodies. The next step is working with you to build awareness of the muscles. Our therapists will help you to identify your pelvic floor muscles and teach you how to connect, relax and release them. If your pelvic floor muscles are both tight and weak, they will work with you to release the tension before addressing the weakness. Once the muscles have reached a normal resting state and are able to relax fully, you can work with your therapist to do strengthening exercises.
Pelvic floor appointments can be booked by calling the clinic directly

The goal of our therapists is to get you back to activities, sports and daily enjoyment!

Every treatment plan is personalized to you and your needs.Treatment options could include exercises, electronic monitoring and manual treatment of the muscles. You will likely get exercises to do at home to help train your muscles. Our therapists will also give you advice about daily activities and fitness, as well as tips for good bladder and bowel habits. 

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