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It’s no secret that the road to recovery after surgery is long and challenging. Not only can it be painful, but you have to rebuild muscles and teach joints and muscles how to move again. Post-surgical rehabilitation is often slow, but physiotherapy after surgery has been proven to help speed up recovery. There is also evidence that visiting a physiotherapist before the surgery can help recovery time as well. Your physiotherapist can help you build the appropriate muscles and prepare your body to bounce back, quickly.
Your physiotherapist is likely to become one of your best friends in the months following surgery. At Panther Sports Medicine, our positive and compassionate staff understand what you’re going through and are committed to creating a treatment plan that will get you back to your activities as quickly as possible. They work closely with Calgary’s orthopaedic surgeons and their clinics, getting information about your individual surgery and your doctor’s recommendations on recovery. They also take the time to get to know you and your recovery goals so that they can create a personalized plan that considers your medical and lifestyle needs.
Our team will also provide advice on how to reduce the risk of re-injury. All our Calgary physiotherapy clinics have braces and products to help with your recovery and keep you injury-free.

We can make referrals!

Panther Sports Medicine has a clinical association with several orthopaedic surgeons in Calgary. We work closely with them when we believe one of our clients could benefit from surgery. Call us to book a pre-orthopaedic surgeon consultation today.
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Common Surgeries Requiring Physiotherapy Care

There are certain surgeries for which physiotherapy can be particularly helpful.
These include:

Shoulder Surgery

Shoulder Reconstruction, Shoulder Stabilization, Rotator Cuff Repair, Acromioplasty, Manipulation, Capsulotomy, Fracture

Elbow Surgery

Tennis Elbow Release, Golfers Elbow Release, Fracture

Wrist and Hand Surgery

Carpal Tunnel Release, Fracture, Tendon Repairs

Hip Surgery

Hip Replacements/ Resurfacing, Hip labral repairs, Hip Arthroscope, Fracture

Knee Surgery

Knee Replacements, ACL and Ligament Reconstruction, Arthroscope, Meniscal Repairs, Chondroplasty, Lateral Release, Patella Tendon Transfer, Fracture

Calf Surgery

Achilles Tendon Repairs, Fasciotomy

Ankle and Foot Surgery

Ankle Reconstruction, Ligament Repairs, Arthroscope, Fracture, Spur Removal, Bunionectomy

Spine, Neck and Back Surgery

Discectomy, Micro-discectomy, Laminectomy, Spinal Fusion/Stabilisation
Alberta Health Services covers up to seven physiotherapy visits post-surgery and our clinic is happy to help with the processing.
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What To Expect 
During Your Visit

Our Calgary physiotherapists will do an initial assessment, including a review of your doctor’s prescribed recovery plan, as well as a questionnaire which covers the cause the injury and your lifestyle and regular activities. Once they have a better understanding of the surgery, they will develop a personalized rehabilitation plan with a clear path to recovery. Treatment plans will include exercise that will restore circulation, strengthen muscle, increase mobility and improve coordination. Your treatment plan will have specific strengthening and stretching exercises that can be done at home, and will gradually increase in intensity.

In addition to muscle physiotherapy, your physiotherapist may recommend additional treatment to help support recovery. Any one of our Calgary physiotherapy clinics is able to provide these additional post-surgery treatments options:
As soon as you have a surgery booked, call one of our Calgary physiotherapy clinics to talk to someone about whether physiotherapy can be of assistance pre- or post-surgery. Our expert physiotherapists will get you back on your feet as soon as possible!
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Funding & Insurance Coverage

There are many ways to access funding options when seeking treatment at our centres.
Learn more about Funding optionsContact us for more information.

Locations & Hours

10 Convenient Locations in Calgary. All Physiotherapy clinics have morning and evening appointments available to meet the demands of your busy schedule. Saturday appointments are available at select locations.
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Panther Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Centres are a network of ten clinics, physiotherapist operated, serving Calgary and surrounding areas. Our team offers a wide range of services including physiotherapy, massage therapy, and sports injury rehabilitation to help our clients reduce pain and recover from injuries. Panther Sports Medicine has been proudly serving our community for over 30 years.
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