Do Not Ignore Bunions (Hallux Valgus)

What is a bunion?

A bunion is a progressive disorder of the big toe. It starts with the leaning of the big toe towards the smaller toes, eventually changing the alignment of bones over the years and resulting in a characteristic bump on the inner side of the big toe. It can occur on one foot or both feet. It is mostly found in people who routinely wear narrow shoes and whose job involves consistently standing and walking, for example, a job of a waiter/waitress since you constantly walk around. The worldwide incidence of a bunion is around 23% and it increases with age. It is also reported to be around 36% in people above the age of 65. It isn’t just a small issue, it could become a very severe problem such as a disability if it isn’t treated in time.


Some causes of a bunion are:

1. Wearing narrow pointed toes and high heeled shoes
2. Family history (70% of the affected have familial history of bunions)
3. Flat feet with feet rolled inwards
4. Foot injuries
5. Rheumatoid arthritis

Some signs or symptoms of a bunion are:

1. Pain and tenderness
2. Redness and inflammation
3. Burning sensation/numbness
4. Hardened skin on the bottom of the foot
5. A callus or corn on the bump
6. Difficulty in bending the big toe
7. Increased pain during the push-off phase of walking

Prevention and treatment for a bunion are:

1. Avoid frequent use of high heeled shoes as well as narrow pointed shoes if you know you will be standing for a long period of time
2. Wear properly fitting shoes without cramping or pinching the toes
3. Watch the shape of the feet as they develop over time, when there is a familial history of bunion
4. Using pads over the spot of the bunion to ease pain
5. Icing to reduce pain and inflammation
6. Exercises to prevent and correct the deformity at an early stage
7. Mobilisation techniques to reduce the pain and to improve the mobility
8. Soft tissue release to soften the scar tissue

If you have a bunion or foot issues, please call your local Panther Sports Medicine clinic for a physical therapist for an assessments

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