How The Covid-19 Pandemic Is Affecting Your Posture (And How You Can Fix It)

Have you ever wondered why your neck, upper and lower back hurt since the pandemic started? This is due to Postural Pain Syndrome.

It refers to a broad term for a condition where pain is felt in several locations such as the neck, shoulders, upper and lower back due to prolonged sitting, standing, or lying in poor positions.

Postural pain has become very common because a large number of people now work from home to stay safe and reduce the effect of disruptions brought by the pandemic.

However, employees who work remotely have suffered work-related fatigue, muscle strain and postural pain syndrome due to prolonged hours at a desk, increased use of computers, muscle tightness or weakness, and poor body mechanics due to lack of proper workstation, all of which, lead to increased discomfort as well as muscle and joint pain.

This is where physiotherapy treatment in Calgary can be of great utility. Keep reading to learn how you can prevent the onset of postural pain syndrome as well as how to connect with a seasoned physiotherapist near you.

What Causes Postural Pain Syndrome?

Sitting slouched or standing in poor posture places stress on the joints of your back and gradually causes aches and pain if sustained for too long. Pain is usually a dull ache or burning sensation felt when you assume a poor posture and eases when you change positions.

You can decrease the risk of postural pain by ensuring you have an ergonomically right workstation, maintain a good posture while seated at your desk, as this reduces the stress on your spine, as well as taking regular breaks from sitting. It’s recommended you take a break from sitting at least once per hour.

Tips to Prevent Postural Pain Syndrome on Your Own

A proper sitting posture involves sitting on an ergonomically correct chair with the top of your monitor at eye level such that your neck is not too bent or extended. Your monitor should be at least arm’s length away and directly in front of you to avoid twisting your neck. Additionally, your bottom should be at the back of the chair and a back support should be placed in the small of your back. Your shoulders should be slightly back with your chin tucked in and your ears aligned with your shoulders. Your hips and knees should be at right angles with your feet fully supported on the floor or footrest.

How Physiotherapy Can Help You

Physiotherapy can help to reduce symptoms and prevent recurrence by carrying out a proper assessment, ergonomic advice, and education, postural/biomechanical correction, activity modification advice, and exercises to improve strength, posture, and flexibility.

Connect With us Today

If you or someone you know experiences Postural Pain Syndrome, then contact us to speak with one of our experts here at Panther Sports Medicine to learn more about physiotherapy in Calgary. Be sure to ask about our 10 locations to see which one is most convenient for you.

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