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Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) 
Trigger Point Needling Pain Relief in Calgary

If you’re experiencing pain but can’t find the source and there’s no sign of tissue damage or inflammation, the pain could be the result of muscles shortening or contracting and the associated nerve pain. This pain occurs when nerves and nerve ending become extremely sensitive and there is a malfunction and exaggeration of signals from your nerves. Trigger points have been compared to a super-sensitive car alarm, going off with the slightest touch. If this sounds like you, the solution could be intramuscular stimulation (IMS), also known as trigger point dry needling. IMS uses acupuncture needles to desensitizing affected nerves and muscles and alleviate muscular tightness and spasms.
At Panther Sports Medicine, our therapists are specially trained and certified in IMS and trigger point dry needling. Health and safety are always our top priority and we always use sterile, single-use needles.
Our compassionate staff understand that IMS/trigger point needling can be uncomfortable. They will ensure you feel comfortable and properly educated before the session. In all of our physiotherapy assessments we take a personalized approach for your exact issues, and our therapists may recommend IMS as part of a greater treatment plan, combining it with other treatments.

What Can Intramuscular Stimulation/Trigger Point Needling Help With?

IMS is a good option for those who have tried various ways to deal with the pain, but can’t find the source or other methods don’t work. Since IMS targets chronic musculoskeletal pain, it’s an effective treatment for pain such as chronic inflammation or neurological conditions.
IMS is a possible solution for those suffering from:
Chronic aching or pain
Range of motion issues
Back or neck pain
Tennis elbow
Frozen shoulder
Knee pain
Hip pain
Foot pain

How is IMS Different than Acupuncture?

IMS was developed by a Vancouver doctor, and is based on western medicine and science. Acupuncture treatment is focused on energy flow and balance, while IMS is focused solely on treating shortened or tight muscles by inserting the needle into trigger points or ‘knots’ within the muscles. Using very fine needles, IMS is a mechanical stimulation which causes the muscles to release and lengthen. This helps to ease pain and tightness. IMS treatment can also help nerves to function normally and encourage healing.
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What To Expect 
During Your Visit

IMS is often part of a greater treatment plan, our physiotherapists will turn to IMS when other treatment options don’t work and/or to help enhance other treatment strategies. Before conducting any therapy, they’ll ensure that you feel educated about the treatment and expected outcomes. The therapist will identify the areas of issues, then place fine, sterile needles directly into the shortened muscle bands. Most people describe IMS as unpleasant and slightly uncomfortable, like a charley horse or muscle cramp. Needles are only in place for a very short time. After receiving an IMS treatment, you may experience some soreness or bruising in the area, but it is usually mild and goes away within 24 hours.

Some of our Calgary IMS clients will experience relief right away, while others will feel better in a few days. Shortly after the treatment, patients begin to notice increased mobility and function of the muscle.

IMS is cumulative treatment, meaning our clients typically have multiple sessions, each session providing additional restoration to the muscles until the entire area is healed and pain-free.
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10 Convenient Locations in Calgary. All Physiotherapy clinics have morning and evening appointments available to meet the demands of your busy schedule. Saturday appointments are available at select locations.
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